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CHP-251L Coway Water Purifier Countertop fits in any type of kitchen Feature Description Great performace and compact design water purifier Countertop model that fits in any type of kitchen counters Great performance with 16-inchheight to fit in any kitchen A smart energy-saving



CHPI-280L Countertop with Ice Maker Counter Top Model with Ice Maker Features      Description A cleaning system of the water tank with electrolyzed water Solid and transparent without bubbles in ice. Provides crystal ice with a wave generation that removes air bubbles



CHPI-620L Slim Design Free-Standing Slim Design Hot & Cold Water Plus Ice Dispensing Filtration Appliance Features      Description Enough storage capacity of up to 1 kg of ice It is possible to use enough ice at homes and small offices that use a



CHP-590L Slim Design Water Purifier Slim Design Water Purifier Features      Description Super slim design is suitable in small office or residence with a large family residential with big family. Switchable dial for cold or ambient water selection. LED



CHP-671L Coway Water Purifier Perfect for offices with high water consumption. Features     Description Perfect for offices with high water consumption. 1.6 gallon of Cold water, 3 gallon of ambient water, 1 gallon of hot water. Hot & Cold water temperature

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