Countertop with Ice Maker

Counter Top Model with Ice Maker

Features     Cold Hot Ambient Ice

A cleaning system of the water
tank with electrolyzed water

Solid and transparent without bubbles in ice.

Provides crystal ice with a wave generation that removes air

bubbles from the water during ice making.

Smart convenience features make it more convenient.

Light sensing power saving function and easy one-touch

continuous extraction function. We’ve got all the conveniences for

a convenient water life. (빛감지 야간 절전 기능, one-touch one

minute, easy touch lever.

Water Filtration
Filter Cartridge STEP 1 & 2) Neo-sense (Sediment + Pre-Carbon) STEP 3) RO Membrane filter STEP 4) Plus Inno-Sense afilter
Key Features Compact Design, Crystal Clear Ice Cubes
Tank Capacity|Ambient 0.53 gal
Tank Capacity|Cold 0.48 gal
Tank Capacity|Hot 0.26 gal
Tank Capacity|Ice 1.32 lbs
Dimensions(W X D X H) 13.4 X 20.7 X 20.3 inch