Coway Quattro Power Air Purifier

Powerful clean with four-sided suction and dual engine

Room Size

97.1m² / 1045ft²

The powerful dual-power system with 14 filters draws contaminated air

from two side of front and two side of back and pushes filtered air out

the top of unit, cleaning the air you breathe faster and more efficiently

Quattro power system

Quattro power system has dual motors and fans, and 14 filters for

powerful and reliable cleaning. In addition, Coway applied air

dynamics technology to provide a clean solution for your home and the environment.

Wide circulation mode

Intensive circulation mode

Turbo circulation mode

Filters from a fine dust up to fine particulate matters with single engine.
Depends of room condition, Quattro power provides customized care by selecting the mode from Wide circulation mode, Intensive circulation Mode, and Turbo circulation Mode.

Powerful filtration system

99.9% removal of 0.02um fine particles

Coway’s four-stage differentiated filter system reduces ultra-fine dust and odors to keep indoor air clean. It also provides a powerful dual-power system for inhaling contaminated air and a front-facing accumulator for fresh air to provide faster, finer air handling.

Low noise design

Comparably low noise and vibration due to low-noise design.

Easy moving

Four wheels mounted on the bottom allows us to move in any direction and even safe to use by having a locking device.

Display                                 Control panel

Air Filtration
Filtration º Pre Filter º Micro dust Filter º Deodorization Filter º HEPA Filter
Recommended Room size|AHAM 1076 sq.ft
Recommended Room size|KACA 1076 sq.ft
Basic Feature|Fan Speed º Air Jet Mode º Surround Mode º Turbo Mode
Special Feature º Dual Motors º 14 filters
Dimensions(W X D X H) 19.6 x 12.8 x 31.4inch
Weight 44