Economic Countertop

Economic counter top with the highest capacity

Features      Ambient

Economical counter top with the highest capacity

Continuous purification is possible by simply pushing

the dispenser lever and pulling down the lock up lever.

Operates without electricity

– safer for use and more economical

Since it doesn’t use electric power, it is safe and

no electric charge is needed.

Reduces the inlet high water pressure

to protect the product.

Consistent water pressure protects the inside of the filtration

device which otherwise could be broken at high water pressure.

Simple color with design gives

comfortability of placing.

Simple and elegant design makes your kitchen look better.

Water Filtration
Filter Cartridge STEP 1) `11 Neo-sense filter (Sediment + Pre-Carbon) STEP 2) `11 RO STEP 3) `8 Inno-sense (Post-Carbon + Fine) STEP 4) Antibacterial filter
Flow rate/ Production Rate 42.4 gpd (160.5 lpd)
Filter Life Neo-sense : 6 Months RO : 24 Months Inno-sense : 18 Months Anti-bacterial : 12 Months
Filtration Capacity 4.7ℓ / h (1.3gal / h)
Tank Capacity|Ambient 1.8 gal (7.1ℓ)
Tank Capacity|Cold
Tank Capacity|Hot
Power consumption|Compressor
Power consumption|Heater
Feed Water Pressure 20~120psi (138kPa~827kPa)
Feed Water Temperature 41℉~95℉ (5℃~35℃)
Dimensions(W X D X H) 11.9 X 16.1 X 15.9 inch (304 X 409 X 404 mm)
Net Weight 16.5 ℓb (7.5 kg)