Slim Design Free-Standing

Slim Design Hot & Cold Water Plus Ice Dispensing Filtration Appliance

Features     Cold Hot Ambient Ice

Enough storage capacity of

up to 1 kg of ice

It is possible to use enough ice at homes and small offices that use

a lot of ice.

Clean with stainless steel ice system

Stainless steel material is applied to core parts of ice making to

clear ice.

Wide tray and ice extraction lever make

it more convenient to use

You can place containers of various sizes, such as large water

bottles and bowls, and it is convenient to extract ice as much as

you want by pressing the extraction lever with one hand.

Lighting-sensing power saving system

The light sensor operates power-saving mode at night, thereby

effectively reducing power consumption.

Water Filtration
Filter Cartridge STEP 1+2) Neo-Sense (Sediment + Pre-Carbon) STEP 3) RO Membrane STEP 4) Plus Inno-Sense STEP 5) Anti-Bacterial
Key Features Removable ice tray, wide dispenser tray, ice dispensing lever
Tank Capacity|Ambient 0.9 gal
Tank Capacity|Cold 0.7 gal
Tank Capacity|Hot 0.4 gal
Tank Capacity|Ice 2.2 lbs
Dimensions(W X D X H) 12 x 20 x 51 inch